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Infinity Design Studios strives to give each customer the absolute best in value for services provided.  This means in many cases, we need to bring in experts in various fields in order to meet our goal of top-notch services.

Because of this and the fact that most of our services are very time consuming, we do not offer refunds of any sort once project has been initiated.  If we have yet to begin work on the project, then we can, at OUR Discretion, negotiate a partial or full refund.  However, once the projects have been started, our policy is no refunds.


We also gather information about clients during our projects.  We will never distriibute, sell, or otherwise give away information you have given to  us in confidence and will only use the information to complete your project.

We assume that when we begin a project that all information, images, text, trademarks, etc, are the property of the client.  Infinity will in no way be held responsible for misuse or illegal atrributation of any website elements.  That responsibility is of the client’s alone.